Yeonwoo Lee, completed Boston marathon for 9 years
Bostonkorea  2010-05-05, 15:52:46 
Overcame personal frustration through Marathon
Marathon is a gift from the god, unspeakable joy from complete run

HyunChon Kim
Translated by Kelly Choi

Yeonwoo- Lee, overcame his painful frustration over bankruptcy through the marathon , extols the running. He completed run in Boston Marathon, the world’s best known and oldest annual race, for 9 years.
“The joy whenever you see the finish line on the Boylston st. is definitely unspeakable” Said Yeonwoo, describing his sense of achievement.

His marathon history started 11 years ago. He has run in Boston Marathon for 9 years, completed  86 marathon races, and raced in 32 countries and 31 states. In vertue of his marathon history, he has  expert knowledge in cultures of other contries; European, China, East asian countries etc.

Lee ,runs 10 miles every day, often receives comments that he doesn’t look like 58 years old.
“The willpower that comes from  winning a battle with myself gives me strong self-confidence that I can overcome any type of  troubles “ said Yeonwoo Lee, claiming “Marathon is a gift from the god”. He said that it only cost shoes and sweat suit for the absolute mental/physical health.

Before he started marathon in 1996, he swindled out of his business and had difficult time. Deeply disappointed for a while, he decided to confront and chose marathon as his way to get over difficulties. He easily gave up on running in the first year.

He started a battle with himself with a strong will one day, and got over the crisis. “I exchanged money into the health. I turned the misfortune to advantage.” he said.
He stated that this Boston marathon was as tough as other 81 marathon races he has completed. “ I have to run, that was the only thing on my mind at the moment” according to Lee.

He campares marathon to life. It’s the way you go without having anything. He stressed that the humanity in marathon , helping other runners tired out to run again, is as important as it is in life.
He encouraged and help Mr. Bung-Keun Kong to complete his run. It was the first run in Boston marathon for Mr. Kong, and Mr. Lee was the person recommended marathon 2-3 years ago and trained marathon with him.  In order to help Mr. Kong, he started with beginners and recorded longer time than other races. However, Lee said it was worth to do. 

  He voluntarily wants to be a marathon guide for Koreans who want to be marathoners. He said he would like to establish a Korean boston marathon race club for guiding and encouraging korean participants.
According to Lee, roughly 150 Koreans participated the boston marathon in 2010 and the most Korean female participants joined in this year. .  
Hence he talked to Boston korea in 3 days of the marathon, he was already planning for the next boston marathon race without a tired look.
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