“The status quo of the Korean Peninsula won’t last 10 years,” say Harvard students 2011.07.25
Half of them agree with Korean reunification but say it will happen after 50 years
A Son of Korea Who Possessed a Aeart of A Lion and His Mother 2011.07.25
At this time, I would like to introduce a son of Korea who possessed a heart of a lion. He..
Teachers in the U.S. Are Still “ignorant about Korea.” 2011.07.11
The Need of Korean Studies Workshop for American Teachers Has Been Proven
6.25 Special Interview with Paik Lin, Institute of Korean Historical 2011.06.27
Paik says “Now, it is time to look at the Korean War with a different view.” Americans Sta..
Antitank Squadron 2011.06.27
By Tae-hyok Kim The evening of June 27, 1950, was raining cats and dogs, and the Korean Wa..
North Korean Taekwondo Captivates American Audience [1] 2011.06.20
Americans Standing Ovation to Barehanded Lumber Breaking
Governor Patrick Opposes President Obama on Immigrants 2011.06.13
“No ID Checks when Arrested.”
Education Oriented Korean Parents Send U.S. Teachers to South Korea 2011.06.06
Baker School’s Korean Parent-Teacher Organization Raises Funds with Charity Bazaar
MA Korean Population Soars by 38.8% 2011.05.30
24,110 in MA and 379,000 in NE
Harvard Pre-Med Student Performs with the Boston Pops 2011.05.23
Charlie Albright (Chul Soo Oh), involved in the Harvard-NEC Joint Program, receives praise..
Boston Korea College Fair Receives Fervent Response 2011.05.16
“Thanks” for the Improvement in Community
Everyone Needs a “Best Friend” at Their Workplace 2011.05.02
Jane Hyun Interview
Patric-Murry Administration Strengthens Econmic Ties With Seoul 2011.04.25
Continuing its commitment to building partnerships in the global economy and creating inno..
A Korean Movie Invited for the Boston International Film Festival 2011.04.25
Modern interpretation of Shim Chung Jeon, Showing on Friday,22nd at 6pm
Ha-Jun Jang “Difference enables negotiations, why compromise if we are all one the same page” 2011.04.18
Korea-US FTA, Case of Korea Showing Immature Policy Debate
People Prepare For The Boston Marathon 2011.04.11
HyunCheon Kim Translated by SoYeon Lee 137 Koreans runners out of 26,830 participants will..
Harvard Korean Culture Festival Mak-Gul-Li Most Favored 2011.04.06
Fascinated by the sweet taste of Mak-Gul-Li and falling in love with Korean Traditional Dr..
Japanese Students Are Still In Shock 2011.04.06
HyunAh Park Translated by SoYeon Lee Earthquake, Tsunami, followed by possible nuclear exp..
A Korean Tour Bus Overturned, 17 Koreans Injured 2011.04.06
Bus lost the control on icy road and turned over None of the passengers are in critical co..
KSNE Finally Bought Its Own Home After 50 Years of Rental 2010.12.13