Koreans Say Boston Has Become ‘Delicious’ 2012.01.09
Eating Out Around Boston Is Much Better
2011 Top 10 News of Korean Community 2012.01.09
By HyunCheon Kim Translated SeungYeon Woo Among the news items in 2011, the Korean driver’..
Korean Dry Cleaners Association of New England Throws a Little New Year’s Eve Party 2012.01.09
By HyunCheon Kim Translated SeungYeon Woo The end-of-the-year party held by the Korean Dry..
Clara Lee, the Winner of the Asian Fashion Supermodel Competition in Boston 2011.11.21
The First Korean Winner with Dynamic and Attractive Image
Slight Increase of Korean Students to 2,864 in MA 2011.11.21
By MyongSool Chang Translated by SeungYoun Woo The population of Korean college students i..
Kim Yuna’s Performance at Harvard Charity Show 2011.10.24
Leaves Cheers and Disappointment
Kim DukSoo, the fouderof SamulNori, coming to Boston 2011.10.24
A Special Chance to Meet Kim DukSooSamulNori at Harvard
Anyone Can Join MIT Korean Language Class for Free 2011.10.10
By GaYoung Kim Translated by SeungYoun Woo Around 7pm on last Wednesday (28th), a noise of..
Yuna Kim’s Performance at Harvard Just Around the Corner 2011.10.10
Tickets are Sold Out Right After the Announcement
800 Gathered at the MIT Korean Food Festival, “Taste of Korea” 2011.09.26
MIT KGSA held Korean Food Festival with Consulate General of Korea in Boston
Grilled Pork Belly with Hot and Sweet Marinade 2011.09.26
College Life 101 as an International Student in Boston 2011.09.19
“Skipping Classes for the Day is Losing $1,000” An Honest Conversation with BKLA as the Ne..
Dings Toongs in America [1] 2011.09.12
A Famous Cartoon Author, Da-Hye Lee’s Life in Boston
Braised Short Ribs with Radish and Shiitake Mushrooms 2011.09.12
Translated by SeungYoun Woo This dish needs tender loving attention to make it well. The m..
The 18 American National Election Commissioners Gather in Boston 2011.09.05
Kang Experienced Long Distance Trip Himself, Empathized with the Local Situation Final Che..
A Korean College Student Advances to the Final Stage of a Venture Business Plan Competition 2011.08.29
A Styleshare CEO Challenges MassChallenge Leading 4 Male Students
Koreans Show Lukewarm Interest in the Korean Biggest Festival 2011.08.22
Record the Lowest Turnout at the Athletic Festival.
Korea and MA Agreed on Reciprocal Arrangement for Exchanging Driver’s License 2011.08.15
By Myong Sool Chang Translated by SeungYoun Woo Koreans who are international students and..
Buy and Sell Moving Sale in Boston is at the Pick 2011.08.08
It is a Golden Opportunity to Prepare Frugal Household Goods
Housing Rental Crisis in Boston 2011.08.01
Rent Fee is Continuously Skyrocketing 4.4% Vacancy Rate, the Lowest in the Past 10 Years