Sam interview
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 14:12:58 
Translated by Kelly Choi

Sam,  we are very sorry to hear that you are leaving Boston for your new job. You had said before that you were going to stay here as long as you could find a job here. Was it that difficult?
It was difficult. Most of the non-profit organizations in Boston didn’t want to hire me. Even when I was campaigning for the mayoral election, they reluctant to support me. Once, a nationwide non-profit organization said they wanted to work with me, but I had to wait until they have enough fund to hire me. I had to wait 2 more months, and even then it would not be guaranteed. I felt sorry for my family and I felt burdened.
A lot of people said it takes some time for person who has political backgrounds like me to get a job, especially leaders position. Because the leadership position I want is not easy to find.

You have talked with Deval Patrick’s top aide about your job in MA. What went wrong with that effort?Did they try hard enough for your job?
To be honest, they did their best. Because of the downsized budget, most of the departments were not able to hire more staff. They introduced me to a lot of places, but I couldn’t get a job.

According to Boston Globe, you felt subtle but clear signs that employers are not willing to take a chance on you.  Did that factor play a key role in your difficulty finding work in Boston?
I cannot give you its name, but there was a non-profit organization which has enough fund and needed a person who has a deep understanding of politics and communities in Boston, and I thought it was the position for me. However, they raised concerns that I would be working with the mayor, whom I ran against.
 Also, an organization that my friend works for received a notice that “The city will not work with the organization as long as Sam Yoon is involved.”

Some political observers said that you might have had a better political future if you had been more patient. Did you consider that you may have rushed in your bid for the mayor’s office?
That is possible. To be honest, I did not think in the long run. And I am not a person who thinks about myself and my political career.
I always consider what Boston needs. I am not in politics to build  my political career. I only thought about what I could make differences. As an Asian and as a Korean, I do not have Korean or Asian role model to take care of my political career.

Would you challenge again if you had another chance to run for a elected position?
Although there is no specific plan, I am always open to the possibility. To run for an election, you need a specific plan of action. However, I don’t have any such plans as of yet.

What are the chances that you will be coming back to Boston?
I am very positive about coming back to Boston. In modern days people move around looking for a job. So I think it is possible. Also, I think I can be a political contender in Boston since people remember Sam Yoon.

If you are going to be back, when will that  be?
I guarantee working for this organization for 3-4 years. Therefore, it will be possible after that.

Say few words for the Korean Community!
My only regret is to be leaving Boston’s Korean community. They were very special to me, and I appreciate that. We had a good relationship. I will continue to support Asian-American political leaders, and I will try hard to build a good relationship with Koreans in Virginia.
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