Jae-dong Kim’s lecture at Harvard
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“The more learn, the more closed” pinpointing the Harvard

MyongSool Chang
Translated by Kelly Choi

Entertainer Jae-dong Kim showed his true qualities at the lecture he gave at the Harvard, on April 24th. He truly caused 500 audiences to burst out laughing with wit and satire.

Kim talked about laugh and freedom in his lecture “From heart to heart”, held at the Harvard Law School Austin Hall. “You should like the people first. You can not make people laugh when you don’t like the people, and you don’t even want to make them laugh. In addition, People don’t laugh when someone they don’t like is joking around” said Kim, explaining the most important factor to make people laugh is to like people.

Analyzing the dialect and  abusive language of each area, he mentioned the laugh, rough words, and even abusive language have own meanings and freedom of speech. “I am not sure which country it is, but some country regulates those words” according to Kim, satirizing current regulation on rough word sitcom case in Korea.

Currently, Kim’s unexpected MC position replacement triggered controversy, questioning if inappropriate external pressure was involved. He came to the stated after shooing first episode of ”Kim Jae-dong Show” on a cable broadcast company, Mnet.

To a question asked by a student  that if he considers himself too political as a entertainer, Kim answered “I am not political. I do not clearly understand the definition of the right and the left. If people call me the left because I chaired former president Roh’s send off ceremony, I may be the left. However, President Lee was the first person made a condolence visit.”

A Korean daily news paper reported biased article on 26th, that Kim admitted that  “I may be the left.” by cherry picking some portion of his lecture.

He also explained why he sent off apples to MBC labor union under strike. “The story got exaggerated. One good friend of mine, a PD, said  “just sent off some apples” when I asked if there was anything I could do. So, I sent off some apples. It was my bad. I should have sent money in the box” Kim  added a joke. Korean politicians/businessmen usually send cash in apple boxes when they give a bribe.

Sharing his experience with kindergardeners,“Children are open-minded. They are not biased. But the more you learn, the more you are closed.” said Kim, pinpointing the Harvard.

“I have had a government that I don’t like, but never hated my country. I just want to make people laugh.” Said Kim. “We should laugh. We should enjoy every moment” stated Kim, closing the lecture.

The lecture hall was crowded from the seats to the stairs and rear space with audience and despite shortage of seats they enjoyed Kim’s lecture with big laughing. Some enjoyed the lecture out of the hall since they could not enter the hall.

“I didn’t care how much time flied listening to the lecture. It was very fun and meaningful lecture” According to a Korean student Seul-ki, Choi .

The lecture was hosted by a current Harvard law school student Seon-joo Yoon, a former PD of  a major national private commercial broadcasting company, SBS.
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