Koreans Support Michelle Wu at a Fundraiser
보스톤코리아  2013-07-22, 11:36:29 
Written by HyunCheon Kim / Translated by Risa Kim

Many Korean supporters gathered at a fundraiser for Michelle Wu (28), a Chinese-American candidate for City Councilor at Large at Korean Garden, a restaurant in Allston,on Tuesday evening, June 25th.

About 50 people, including local Korean-Americans and others with different ethnic backgrounds, attended this meeting that was organized by a lawyer, Steven Kim. At this fundraiser, Michelle Wu shared her campaign policies and was encouraged by her supporters.

Michelle Wu emphasized that the reason she is running for city council is for the “innovation of Boston by revitalizing small businesses and improving education.”She announced that her special experience has led her to thiscandidacy.

When MichelleWu graduated from Harvard College, she was offered a job by a famous local financial company. However, she chose to take care of her younger siblings in Chicago because of her mother’s illness. As Michelle became the legal guardian of her younger siblings, she opened and operated a small tea café in Chicago, and she shared the same painful experience as other small business owners.

Michelle moved back to Boston with her family for her education at Harvard Law School. After she graduated, she worked as a community liaison for the campaign of SenatorElizabeth Warren.

Michelle worked for Thomas Menino’s office during her years at Harvard Law School. In Menino’s office, she worked on the permit processing of food trucks and restaurants. She volunteered her legal services for low-income business owners in Jamaica Plain, and she also helped out victims of domestic violence with their immigration applications.

Steven Kim, the organizer of this meeting, supported and complemented Michelle Wu: “Michelle is a trustworthy person. She is truthful and faithful.”

Meanwhile, Michelle announced during the interview with Boston Korea that she wants to support the development of future Asian-American politicians just like Sam Yoon by encouraging Asian-Americans to get involved in American politics.


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Koreans Support Michelle Wu at a Fundraiser 2013.07.22
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