Korean Society of New England Lacks of Presidential Candidates
보스톤코리아  2012-07-23, 11:25:49 
By HyunCheon Kim
Translated SeungYeon Woo

The reason for the existence of the Korean Society of New England (KSNE), according to the bylaw of the association, is “to improve the rights and welfare of Korean immigrants and to promote cultural exchange and international friendship between Koreans and Americans.” The role of KSNEis to lead and help out Korean immigrants to settle down in America; however, there is not yet any Korean candidate for the president of KSNE. Thus, the 38thpresidential election may end up as no competition due to the lack of candidates.

With 4 months left before the election day, the Advisory Committee (President: Young-ki Kim) is about to set up an election committee. The Advisory Committeehas selected 7 members for the election committee, and they will propose the members to the board of directors for approval.

Nevertheless, the discussion about the next term's president of KSNE has not yet become an issue. KSNE itself is also somewhat lukewarm to its presidential election. The current president, Han-sun Yu, said, “It all depends on the advisory committee’s decision about the election.” On the other hand, the president of the advisory committee, Young-ki Kim, said, “KSNE has to cooperate with us in order to “make progress towards a successful election”

“Even if the election committee is set up, the members of the committee will not be able to work until there are enough candidates. If no one comes up as a candidate, then someone will be recommended and designated by the board of directors, like it happened for the last election. The president can be determined without an election.

About this situation, Kim said, “When KSNE comprised its executive members, they should have kept in mind some members as the next term's presidential candidates. I wish the next president of KSNE to be the one who is greatly influential.”

If the candidate registration progresses without any problem, the election will be on the second Sunday in November. There are still many jobs to be done, such as organizing the election committee and election campaign, candidate registration, and choosing a voting place.

According to the bylaw of KSNE, the election committee has to announce the guidelines of the election, such as the election schedule, place and time for voting and vote counting, and the list of members of the election committee, at least once in newspapers 30 days before the election day.

For the presidential candidates, they have to summit the candidate registration documents (including the registration form, recommendations from more than 100 electorates, background check registration, the list of candidates, a director of election, a campaign manager and an election observer, two portrait pictures, and pay deposits.

In order to carry out these tasks within about 100 days, first of all, an election office urgently needs to be organized.

Neither organizing an election committee nor running as presidential candidates can be successfully carried out without the interest and attention of Korean society. Chief Advisor Kim honestly wished the future candidate would be the one who can develop the Korean community by promoting the harmony of Koreans who solve their common issues together. He also said it is now time for the young-thinking, modernly educated generation.

Lastly, the qualifications for the presidential candidacy is that one needs to be either Korean or Korean-American, over 30 years old, and have been living in the New England area more than 3 years.

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