“When a Korean-American Woman Marries a Korean Man”
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The members of  theKorean Students Association(KSA) of Boston University (BU) are preparing the Korean Culture Show
The members of theKorean Students Association(KSA) of Boston University (BU) are preparing the Korean Culture Show
By HyunCheon Kim

Korean-American student members of the Korean Students Association(KSA) of Boston University (BU)are planning to introduce Korean culture through a unique play.

The play will be performed on April 14, 7:30pm at Tsai Performance Center at BU. The play is about a Korean-American woman getting married to a Korean man. Throughout the play, some Korean music will be played and the members will also be dancing to the music. The play is composed ofa variety of traditional and modern performances, such as the Korean national anthem, orchestra, Korean traditional mask and fan dances and a fashion show.

A Hip-Hop dance group, FUSION, will introduce their self-choreographed dance and the famous samulnori group from MIT, Oori, may be in the play as guest performers.

The BU KSA opened the registration for performers in mid-February and about 50 students will be in the performance. They are practicing once a week for 2-3 hours in an empty room or gym.

Su-jin Kim, the Co-President of the BU KSA, said, “For this year’s culture show, we wanted to focus on introducing two sides of Korea’s traditional and modern cultures through the theme of a wedding.”

One of the members, Min-young Choi, said, “I also want to deliver the message about preserving Korean traditional culture through the culture show. All of the performers are very passionate about spreading Korean culture and they are preparing hard to make the event memorable to all.”

Each ticket is $5 at the entrance and $2 before the performance date.
To ask about tickets, contact [email protected].

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“When a Korean-American Woman Marries a Korean Man” 2012.04.09
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