“My Team Definitely Wins.”
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By MyongSool Chang & GaYoung Kim
Translated SeungYeon Woo

Boston and New York are very well known as cities of big sports fans. Both of the two states have prestigious sports teams, and their sports markets are the largest throughout the U.S. The upcoming Super Bowl will be an ideal game. The game between the two U.S. cities with thelargest sports markets and biggest number of fans is in the perfect condition to attract the whole nation. Furthermore, it is a rematch of the New England Patriots and New York Giants after 4 years.

We interviewed some Korean football fans in Boston and New York on what they think about and how they are preparing for the Super Bowl. Korean fanswho have stayed longer in the U.S. had more interest in the Super Bowl. We could see how fans of the New England Patriots and the New York Giants prepare Super Bowl.

New York Giants Fans
We interviewed one of the Giants fans, Yi-kyungJeong in New Jersey, recommended by Tae-choong Kim, a reporter for New York RadioKorea. Her husband David Jeong,an employee at BP Amoco, her son John Jeong, a 15-year-old, and Jeong are a typical American-style family who enjoys sports all the time.

What do you think about the Super Bowl 2012?
Yi-kyungJeong:“I’m very excited, especially because the game is between the Patriots and Giants. I’m going to throw a party. I feel that this is how Americans get rid of their stresses. I’m originally a New York Jets fan so I may have less interest in the game than others do, but my husband and son are huge fans of both the Jets and Giants. Also, we used to have football season tickets for years. My son, John, has most of the quarterbacks’ jerseys. Ever since he was in elementary school he’s been checking the newspapers for every player’s movements.”

What is your plan for cheering?
“I’ve planned to throw a Super Bowl party with 40 people invited to my house. We’re going to watch the Super Bowl after having dinner together. I once invited about 50 people 5 years ago. I remember that some of the guests were those I’ve never met before. Before the game is on, we are going play poker games. Also, we will place a bet on guessing the game score.”

How would you predict the outcome of the match between the Patriots and Giants?
David Jeong: “The Giants will win by 27:24.”
John Jeong: “Of course the Giants will win.The score will be 30:27. I don’t think that the game will go into overtime.”

What are the reasons for your prediction?
David Jeong: “The Patriots’ secondary is weak and the Giants’ offense is strong enough to attack their weakness. Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick are pretty scary, but the Giants’ defense is also good enough. Eli Manning is also one of the best quarterbacks.”
John Jeong: “I would also say that it’s because of the Patriots’ weak secondary. The linebackers of the Giants are strong enough to dominate Tom Brady. Although, Tom Brady is a threat.”

What if the Giants lose?
David Jeong: “I’m sure that they won’t lose. I’ve never thought of it.”
John Jeong: (He did not say anything. According to his mother, Ee-kyungJeong, he hates Boston so much that he refuses to go to college around Boston. He cried so hard in the past when the New York team lost to the Boston team.)

New England Patriots Fans
Ji-sung Oh, the owner of a sandwich restaurant, Beli
“Thirty years ago, I saw a game on AFKN in Korea. The Super Bowl always has been the most famous and best-known game in the USA. It has generated more awareness than the World Cup. I don’t have any special plan for cheering. I’m just going to watch at my friend’s house with some pizza and beer. I also will be wearing a Tom Brady jersey that I bought before. To predict the outcome, I think that the Patriots will win of course. Bill Belichick is very smart and the team already experienced a defeat so I believe that he won’t make the same mistake again. The score difference will be below 10. Since my restaurant is near city hall, I may be going out to the street to cheer after the game.”
Hak-jae Lee, the president of Massachusetts State Taekwondo Association and a researching staff at MIT Nuclear Research Laboratory

What do you think about the Super Bowl?
“I think Bostonians are more attached to sports teams than any other cities” Because the upcoming match is in competition with New York, college students seem to be very sensitive about the game. Some students are betting with their friends in New York. I think that the Patriots will win like they did before and this time I think they will defeat the Giants by more than 10 points.”

What does the Super Bowl mean to you?
“Basically, I’ve been loving sports all my life. Since I am living in a town where everyone is crazy about sports, I may love the Super Bowl due to crowd psychology. However, I’ve been living here for more than 20 years and now the Super Bowl feels like it’s my home country’s sports.”

Do you have any plan for cheering?
“I will be watching the game in New York. I’m going to cheer for the Patriots in Manhattan. I have many friends in New York who graduated in Boston. I think it will be very interesting to cheer the Patriots in the middle of New York but I’m not that worried because my friends will be with me. The place I’ll be is one of the restaurants on 32rd street that one of my friends owns. Three to four more people are leaving with me from Boston and about ten people will gather in Manhattan.”

Would there be street cheering in Boston?
“Of course there will be. People will be out on the street in the early morning around downtown, Quincy Market, and Newbury Street. The cheering will end at Government Center. It starts at 8:00 in the morning and finishes around noon.”

Do you have a Patriots jersey?
“I have a jersey, head band, and the Patriots’ mascot face mask. Also, I’m going to do face painting.”

What would you do if the Patriots lose?
“If we lose, I’m going to destroy New York City (he laughed). Even if we lose, I’ll be cheering to win the next season.”

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