Governor Supports Obama’s Tax Cut Plan
Bostonkorea  2010-12-13, 15:56:39 
MyongSool Chang
Translated By Soyeon Lee

Patrick criticized Scott Brown and Republican Congress’ Tactic

Governor Daval Patrick said “Great News” as he greatly favors the President Obama’s Tax Cut compromise with Republican for extending tax cut for the upper class and unemployment insurance benefits.
On December 8th, during the Minority Media Press Conference held at the campus of Umass Boston, Governor Patrick pointed out that “without the extension of unemployment benefits, we will see 60,000 people who are out of work and lose their benefits on Christmas.  And another several thousand every week.”

At the press conference held on the Monday, President Obama with the presence of Republic Senators and the wealthy people, compromised to extend the tax cuts proposed during Bush’s term in an exchange for extending unemployment insurance benefit for 13 months. Although the Republicans favor the pact, none of the Congressmen from MA showed strong support.  Congressman Barney Frank strongly opposed to the agreement.

But Governor Patrick criticized the Republicans for holding the Americans as hostage . “I am astonished that Republicans and Congress including our own Senator Brown would use the need for extension of unemployment insurance benefits as a con  for  tax cuts for the wealthy people who haven’t asked for them and that are not supported by the American people.”

Governor Patrick shared positive opinion to extend  the health insurance for the legal immigrants  who will lose their insurance coverage by end of this year.  “Normally, we would file what is called the supplement budget at the end of January. I don’t know if we can wait that long. We would need to do that by end of January. We believe we have resources to get through January and I started that conversation with the legislative group . We don’t have solution yet but we had candid and promising discussions with legislative group.”

For the permanent residents who have not had their green cards for more than 5 years, CeltiCare was provided as an alternative to the Commonwealth care. But because of  less budget allocated to the state of Massachusetts, they are no longer eligible for the healthcare insurance. This affects 30,000 residents including Koreans in MA.
Currently released by Tufts University, “the state of Black Boston” announced the income disparity for the Asian college graduates. About the issue, Governor Patrick stated, “the disparity is not new. The difference is in compensation for competitively prepared, competitively educated individuals based on race and ethnicity have been with us sometime. Actually the gap is narrowed some over time but it is still with us.”

According to the study release by Dr. James Jennings from Tufts University, white college graduates make $47,414 while black college graduates make $32,794; but compare to these two races, Asian college graduates are only making $26,286 which is only half of what the white college graduates make.

Governor Patrick by saying “asking questions and pointing out problems like this actually helps the State Government”, he shut off the promise of helping more Asian-Americans. 
Although Governor Patrick showed favorable policies toward Asian, Hispanic and Black populations, he has not shown encouraging action to hire more  Asian- Americans in his administration. . But he has not forgotten to actively support a Korean driver’s license guidebook 

About the allowing illegal immigrants to acquire a driver’s license, Governor  said “until the Federal transportation law changes, it is hard to change the MA’s driver licensing law. And it is because federal transportation law provides a lot of  resources.”

Meanwhile, Governor emphasized throughout his speech how important it is that the media to “perform a valuable public service by keeping your readers, listeners, and viewers inform about what is going on in their state government”  and said that he is “grateful for their service.”

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