Korean Students Show Various Reactions to the Yeon-Pyeong Artillery Bombardment Incident
Bostonkorea  2010-11-29, 16:44:38 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by SoYeon Lee

“This has happened before”, “Will I be drafted by the Army?”

On 23rd, North Korea’s unexpected provocation caused many local Koreans to fear what could have led to a war. But some of the Korean students seemed less worried about the situation. “This has happened before.
It’s not unusual. Only this time, the degree of the attack was in larger scale.” On the other hand, some of the students worried about their upcoming entries to the Korean Army.

Although with different reactions to the current incident, all the local Koreans and Korean students agreed that the war would not be in the near future.

It was around 2:34pm Korean time; 4:34am Boson time, when the Yeon-Pyeong artillery bombardment incident spread through the Korean media.

One of the high school boys said when he read the internet article about the incident, his first thought was “Will I be drafted by the Army” and that made him worried.

Another Korean student Eun-Ah Jang, who saw the news around the same time, said she thought about going back to Korea but decided not to; she also said she worried about the increase of the currency.

Meanwhile, the local Koreans who sent their prayers to the fallen soldiers’ families, raised their concerns, “bombing civilian home is like declaring a war” and condemned North Korea for its increasing provocative attacks. Also, they are keenly watching the situation for possible “war on the peninsula.”

Min-Woo Jo (alias) from Lexington said “unlike the incidents of Cheon-An or the West sea battle, he felt the crisis of the war from this incident.

Also, Mr. Jo commented on the online “Pok-Juk-Nye” which showed the real state of Korea and he denounced young Koreans’ “indifference of war.” He added that their ignorance of the importance of human life upset him. 

Some of the Koreans blamed the negligence of the Korean army. Sung-Woo Choi pointed out wrongdoings of the Army which included ceasing the fire toward North only after 80 shots(at the time, two of the gun carriages were even broken) and neglecting the weaponry system  while training at the front line. He also said he thought about “How America would have handled this situation” when Korean Government blamed a heavy fog as the reason for not grasping on the North Korea’s situation.

There are a few people who want to move one step closer to “attacking North Korea.” Sang-Yup Kim (alias) from Woburn said “We should have attacked. How long are we going to just get attacked? North Korea is using the fact that we can’t attack back.”

But Byung-Hak An, Former President of KSNE preached “If you think the future of South Korea, pushing for provocative force without good preparation could bring bigger disaster.” And that we should be glad that it ended. 

On 23th, US Korean Chapter General Association President, Moon-Ki Nam held an urgent press conference on behalf of the Former President of the Korean Association and issued a statement condemning North Korea.

Hak-Ryul Lee, Senior President, criticized North Korea for lack of changing in last 60 years. He too said “the world needs to become one and stand against North Korea.”

The President of Veterans Association, Kang-Won Lee, who said “Even though in a much smaller-scale, a war like the last Korean War would happen in Yeon-Pyeong Do” and that “through this war, younger generations who have not experienced the pain of war, would see the glimpse of it.”
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