“We'd Love the Chance to Meet Hyori Lee”
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MyongSool Chang

Interview with Far East Movement (FM)

Please introduce yourself. What is your ethnicity and family background?
Ahn-nyung-ha-seh-yo! We are the Far East Movement from Downtown Los Angeles.  Kev Nish (Japanese/Chinese), Prohgress (Korean), J-Splif (Korean), and DJ Virman (Filipino).

Would you share your education and music background?
We are all self-taught musicians.  We learned how to record and mix tracks through trial and error and also a lot of youtube editorials.

Why/When do you want to become a music artist?
We are just huge fans of music and always have been. we would free style to whatever was playin on the radio in parking lots around downtown LA in highschool and right out of school we'd lug a huge home pc and an oldschool monitor to an attic of a friends house and teach ourselves how to record tracks for fun to put on the net. On the first songs we recorded was about what we felt represented a new international multi genre playlisted perspective on LA. Everything from shades n kicks to taco trucks after the club at 4am was in there and we called it the far east movement. We would rehearse it in Prohgress's mom’s kitchen and since it was everything that represent us it became our name.

What steps did you guys take to become musicians?
We just work every day on our music.  We give our all every day and hope that we will get that in return in some way.

What is your daily routine like? Do you guys live together?
Wake up round 8am n get the right tie and kicks for the day, hit the lap top and go thru emails and blog till our first meetings. Might have to film, meet with companies or do interviews till late afternoon. Then dinner meetings at the korean bbq spots if any djs, folks or fam are in town. If we have a show that night we'll hit the venue for soundcheck, rock the show and then hit an after party where we might perform a second show or just chill with any dj homies that might be spinning. If something inspiring hits us at the club we'll head over to the studio and work on music while we're slizzzurrd or head home and hit up the internet chat. That's a Free Wired day.

Each of you has different character and personality. Could you tell me about each of you?
Kev is our internet geek. He loves being online and also is very much into art.
Prohgress is a book worm. He loves reading autobiographies about interesting people and memorizing sports statistics. 
JSplif is more hands on.  He like to play sports and cook Korean Food.
Virman  loves fashion. He has more shoes in his closet than anyone else we know.

How do you like your fashion style? Who decides what you wear?
Our fashion influences are James Bond, Tyler Durden, Rick Hunter of Robotech, Downtown Los Angeles and our free wired lifestyle. We hit 2 to 3 clubs a night and gotta make sure we stay fresh dressed gentlemen when we party, then in the mornings with no sleep we can hit any meeting rockin the same thing and the shades hide any lack of sleep haha. Febreeze keeps us extra fresh.

Can you introduce your album “Free Wired?” (What is the concept and target?
Free Wired is the soundtrack to our lifestyle. We set out to make an Alternative Pop album fusing all of our inspirations from hip hop, electro, pop, alternative rock... anything that's in our ipod. Just like what the name represents, we had the freedom to geek out as ourselves and push ourselves to write songs that rep how we live but can be relateable internationally. (Thats a huge thanks to Cherrytree Records and our ill A&R Martin Kierszenbaum who said when he signed us "You guys have started a party that we want to be invited to". Having the confidence knowing that an amazing company and team believe in us doing us is what allowed us to be free wired and create a free wired sound.)

The newest single “Like A G6” is top 10 on pop chart Billboard’s Hot 100 in the U.S. How do you feel about your success?
 We are just thankful to our community for supporting us and still cannot believe its happening. 

How long/often do you rehearse?
We rehearse every chance we get.  Usually we’ll try to get in two to three rehearsals a week at 2 to 3 hours per time. But when we are on the road we make sure to go over our set once and get a prayer in right before we go on stage.

Do you have any advices for those who want to be singers /musicians?
Focus big and follow thru with everything you set out to do, be open to all opportunites cuz its all about how you flip them, network and surround yourself with great people cuz we're only as good as the team around us, stay humble and grateful for everything, and never stop working... and pray every day.

This is for Prohgress and J-Spliff). We noticed Korean images such as Hangul, Soju in your music video. Why were these specific images incorporated into your music video? In relation, how do you feel about Korea?
That scene from the G6 video was from a Korean barbeque spot that we go to all the time when we hang out. We're born and raised in Los Angeles and especially for our first video w cherrytree/interscope we wanted to take the opportunity to let people see how we do on a daily basis.

Who is your favorite artist or band that you would like to perform with? Do you have a favorite Korean artist or group that you would like to perform with?
If we had the chance, we would love to work with the Beastie Boys.
We actually made a song ("So What") on our album where we paid homage to them by sampling one of our favorite tracks from them "Whatcha Want." We are definitely fans of many Korean artists and we've had the chance to perform and hang out with Epik High, Jay Park, and Se7en. Of course we'd love the chance to meet Hyori Lee.

Why do you guys always wear your sunglasses?
Our style is based on functionality. We wear our ties because we've got to hit different clubs at night and places have different dress codes. We rock the shades because we're out late nights and gotta hit meetings or interviews in the morning so it helps hide our eyes if we're tired.
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