60 Year Korean War Anniversary, Koreans Thank Korean War Veterans
Bostonkorea  2010-11-24, 12:50:20 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by SoYeon Lee

Boston Korean Consulate General Invited Korean War Veterans For The Luncheon
 United States Senator Scott Brown and Congressmen Attended The Event

Boston’s Korean Consulate General hosted Luncheon for the Korean War Veterans to commemorate for the 60 year Korean War anniversary.
The luncheon was held on Friday of October 8th at 11:30 am till 2:30 pm at the Boston Intercontinental Hotel. In this event, including the Korean War Veterans, Federal and State officials, foreign consular, and Korean Americans, Around 270 people attend.

Especially for this event, U.S. Senator Scott Brown, MA House of Representative Harold Naughton, Deputy Secretary for Dept for veterans Coleman Nee and many other officials presented.
Before the luncheon, the commemoration began with the entrance of color guard. The event was hosted by the current New England Cable News Anchor, Kristy Lee.

At the event, Joo-Suk Kim, Korean Consul General showed his appreciation to all the Veterans for “Today’s Korea exists because of the Veterans’ courage and sacrifices”. He also said he hopes that “it became the foundation for the relationship between the United States and Korea for last 60 years and not only the firm relationship between the two nations help each other; it also helps us to collaborate regarding the global issues as well”. He also mentioned the incident of Cheon-an Ship emphasized the strategic importance of the America-Korea alliance. He said confidently that the America-Korea Alliance move on to the next dimension if the Korean-American FTA are certified by both countries congress.

Senator Scott Brown emphasized that Korea is still the United States’ important ally and while things change, the one thing that has not changed yet is America’s firm-commitment of Korea. 
Following the Senator’s speech, Herald Naughton, the House of Representative thanked “the Korean government for hosting the appreciation luncheon for all the Korean and American veterans”. He also asked the veterans to pass down the patriotism, commitment, sacrifice and noble virtues through sharing war experiences to their descendants.  
The war veteran representatives expressed their surprise by the astonishing transformation of Korea and also thanked the Korean Government for hosting the commemoration.

According to Consular Eun-Chul Lee, there were more Veterans at the 60th anniversary of the War of 6.25 than they have expected.
While they enjoyed luncheon, Korea War veterans shared the exploits of the war and they promised to never forget the suffering of the Koreans during the war.
The Consulate General left a video message for the 60th anniversary and places ‘Thank-You’ posters around the place to show the appreciation for the Veterans.
At the luncheon, Boston Korean Choir got standing ovation from the attendants by singing in the United States and Korea’s national anthem along with Victory Song and Arirang in Korean traditional dress.
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