Seeking President of Korean Society of New England
Bostonkorea  2010-11-17, 16:59:06 
HyunCheon Kim
Translated by Kelly Choi

Election Oversee Committee Assembled, and In Preparation of the Election

Korean Society of New England managed to organize the election oversee committee  only 50 days in advance to it’s presidential election date. Since the assemply was behind the schedule set by KSNE election rules, the election oversee committee should haste to complete the elction preparation.

Seven appointed election oversee committee members at board of directors meeting on Tuesday are Youngki Kim, president of Advisory, Sungin Kim, Chairman of KSNE board of drectors, Jaebum Park, vice president of KSNE, Kyunghan Kim, a former Chairman, Okhyun Jeon, former vice president of KSNE, Byunghyun Lee, a former director of KSNE, Seungki Lee, the owner of Byuk Kyung.

One member, Sungin Kim, was chosen among KSNE board of directors, the other one, Jaebum Park, was chosen among KSNE, and Advisory president Kim recommended the rest of election oversee committee members.
 “I recommended people who have election oversee experience in KSNE.” said President of Advisory Kim, expecting smooth process despite late assembly of the committee. 

 “Whoever the candidates are, I will do my best to make sure it is a fair election. I promise this election will not turn out a shameful election.” President of Advisory Kim repeatedly emphasized.
KSNE board of directors held a board of directors meeting at KSNE headquarters in Woburn on Tuesday, and approved the elected committee members. They also appointed the president of Advisory Kim as head of election oversee committee. Even though the committee members should be approved by board of directors according to operation rules, the process was omitted.

The election committee should be assembled 60 days prior to the election date( 6 weeks before current president’s ending day) and they are supposed to announce the timetable for the election process, who is on the election committee, the time and location of the election, and time and location of election counting and then they should announce the detailed information in the Korean news papers more than once in the Korean Newspapers including New England Korean News.

SInce the committee is assembled behind time limit, they should haste. Candidate registration should be completed 30 days prior to election date, in 20 days from now on, according to KSNE election rules, but the committee decided to extend the deadline to October 25th, 20 days prior to the election date.
The election oversee committee is responsible for selecting a voting place, preparing ballot, and installing polling places.

In case multiple candidates register, candidate’s number should be decided through a  lottery within 3 days of the registration deadline. After candidate’s numbers are decided, the committee is responsible of monitoring and managing the candidate as well.

In case of a sole candidate, election process is not necessary but the committee should qualify the candidate and notify the result to the press.
 The committee is in extreme tension on election day. The committee is responsible for guiding and managing voters, and notifying the result to the press after counting.

The committee’s responsibility is not limited to election day. If the elected person is found flawed, the committee is still responsible for that. Therefore any documents related to the election, ballots, ballot boxes should be stored for six months. 

 In addition, anyone interested in president position should complete candidate registration until midnight of October 25th. The registration should be completed from Monday to Friday, and a proxy can complete registration on behalf of the candidate. However still official application form and deposit should be submitted by the proxy.
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