Korean Companies, Opportunity to Make Mainstream Enterprise Customers
Bostonkorea  2010-11-17, 16:47:41 
MyongSool Chang
Translated by SoYeon Lee

GNEMSDC Holds Open House

Korean Companies have opportunity to attract Universities, big enterprises, and the Government as their customers.
Greater New England Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. (GNEMSDC) and BostonKorea will be holding an open house together on the 15th of September from 5pm till 7pm at the Boston Office in the  Copley Plaza.

Kyung Eun Jung, CEO of the Industrial Safety.com, introduced the upcoming event as a starter for the Korean businesses to “become suppliers to the mainstream corporations.” She mentioned that“Korean Companies have stayed only within Korean Communities for too long.”

According to CEO Jung, large numbers of the American companies allocate some of their yearly budgets to spend on the Minority suppliers. While many other minority suppliers are supplying to the big American companies, only small number of Korean Suppliers are participating.

CEO Jung who is currently supplying workplace safety equipment to NASA invited “everyone to come to the open house.” For those entrepreneurs who were looking for the way into the mainstream businesses, this open house is a very good opportunity. At the open house, even small or beginning restaurants, dry cleaners where most of the Koreans occupy will have a chance to form a relationship with large corporations.

This event will introduce GNEMSDC‘sinvolvement with minority suppliersas well as ways for the Koreanentrepreneurs to make connections with large corporations and what assistance they can get.
GNEMSDC   certifiesminority suppliers in America and connects large corporations with those certified minority suppliers. They hold Expo and fairs to lay bridges for the large corporations and minority suppliers.  
Last Year, GNEMSDC connected 450 certified minority businesses with 210 large corporations and helped minority entrepreneurs to raise their sales by $17 million.

Also, if certified minority businesses conclude contracts with NMSDC, they may be financed capital loans through the business consortium fund; Management consulting and training services are also provided.
Korean companies that want to participate in this year’s Minority Supplier Open House can contact BostonKorea (617-254-4654).

Place & Time Information
Boston office in Copley Plaza from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM.
100 Huntington Avenue
Dartmouth Shops/Copley Place
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: 617-578-8900
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