309 Korean Students In Harvard
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JungHyun Lee
SeulKe Shin
MyongSool Chang
Translated by Kelly Choi

The Most Korean Students, BU 637 Students

The total number of Koreans students in Harvard is 309, the third largest population following Canadian (537) and Chinese (463) students. The number does not include Korean-American students.

According to the research Boston Korea conducted last May, Harvard has the second largest Korean student population.

The undergraduate programs, which is well-known of competitive admission process, have 42 Koreans students, and graduate programs have 267 students. 117 graduate students are attending Graduate School of Arts and Sciences among 10 graduate schools. Graduate School of Design has 45, Kennedy school has 24, and Law school has 13 Koreans students.

Since Harvard is one of top schools in the States, Harvard alumni have strong power in political area in Korea. Including Kimoon Ban UN Secretary, Ducksoo Han, a former prime minister, Jin Park a former head of the national assembly of the republic of Korea, and Jeongwook Hong, a current assemblyman are all Harvard graduates.

According to the Asia Economy daily, Youngwoo Nam, LG electronics CEO, Sukmin Yoon, CEO of Taeyoung constructions and SBS, and Jaeyoung Lee, a Samsung director are Harvard graduates as well.  Samsung group  have a lot of harvard graduates and “Unlike other schools, Harvard alumni association is not active since the school values individual achievement” Asian Economy Daily said.

Boston University has the most Korean students. According to the US news, BU was ranked to 56th. BU has almost twice more Korean students, 637, compare to Harvard. Especially, the undergraduate programs have distinctive number of students. BU has 232 undergrad, 253 graduate students, and 152 non-degree students.

One reason why BU is popular among Korean students is that it has quite high recognition in Korea. In addition, including Prof. Donghil-Kim, Hwanran Kim, former president of Ihwa Women’ University, BU has long history of alumni since 1950-60. BU Alumni is one of the most active alumni association in Korea.

According to Maeil Business Newspaper, BU Korea alumni has one thousand people on the alumni book, and two thousand are in active move. Including Hunjae Lee, the deputy Prime Minister, Seokchae Lee, former Minister, Childoo Kim, BU has many economic bureaucrats. Also second generations of leading business group make personal connections through BU MBA program. BU has many School of Theology and College of Fine Art alumni as well.

“BU is preferred among Koreans because it has strong recognition in Korea compare to other similar level schools.” Said Kim, a BU students.

MIT has many Korean students as well. They have 275 students, third largest Korean student population in Massachusetts. MIT has 18 undergrad students and 257 graduate students. Because the school restricts number of foreign students, they have limited number of undergraduate students.

A Ph.D student from MIT said despite the foreign student restriction policy, many graduate students apply to MIT because of its outstanding research facilities.

MIT also boasts well known alumni in Korea; Mongjoon Chung, a leader of ruling Grand National Party, Jinae Kim , an assemblywomen of Democratic party in Political area and Nampyo Seo, a president of KAIST, Yoochul Park, a chairman of board of Dankook University in Scholar area. MIT has alumni in business area as well ; Heechul Kim, a CEO of Byuksan group, Kyesik Min, a CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Jongyoung Yoon a standing advisor of Samsung. However, the alumni association is not as active as BU.

Boston College was on the 4th of the list with 109 korean students. Boston College was ranked 36th of the US  News’s college ranking, but recognition in Korea is lower than Boston University. One of the freshmen of BC said he chose the school because of outstanding faculty members.

Tufts University was ranked 5th with 95 Korean students. The school was ranked 26th in the US  News’s college ranking, and has 47 undergraduate students and 48 graduate students. Tufts University has the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, which is as well-known as Harvard Kennedy School.

Despite New England Conservatory is a college sized school, it ranked 6th on the list with 90 korean students.  The school is well know of classic music, and has strong connection in music filed in Korea; Hwakyung Byun, a NEC prof, Hyesun Baek, a SNU prof. etc.

Besides these schools, Brandies University has 62 Korean students, Wellesley College has 38 Korean students, and University of Massachusetts-Boston has 30 students in total.
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