Sam Yoon, remains at Boston
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 12:28:15 
MyongSool Chang
Translated by Kelly Choi

Sam Yoon, a former the Boston City Councilor at-large, said he will remain at Massachusetts and  run for a future representative elections.

At the dinner party consul general Joo-suk Kim hosted for Sam yoon and his supporters on May 6th, Sam Yoon said he is seeking a stable job and willing to run for key elections in the near future.

The dinner party was held at consul general house at Chestnut hill, and approximately 30 supporters were invited by Yoon.

Consul general Joo-suk Kim said “I don’t see his last mayor challenge as a failure. He left a significant footprint and he will challenge again. We learned a lot from supporters (of Sam Yoon) and we can use that to a new direction”

A former city counselor Yoon pointed out “ One point six million Koreans in the U.S has been successful is many fields but politics. One million and four hundred thousand Cuban immigrants have 2 senior federal congressmen and 1 top rank officer.”

Quoting from a popular fundraiser in Washington, Yoon defined four reasons why people donate. “First, because they hate other candidates, Second, because they belong same party. Third, for returns. Forth, because they are pal or family” and he thanked to Korean community saying, “Because Korean community considered me as a family, they made the impossible thing to happen.”

Yoon stated that he is discussing with top advisors of governor Deval Patrick regarding his position, and mentioned “The governor hopes me(Sam Yoon) to remain in Boston, and I am seeking for a job in hospitals, or universities.”
Yoon predicted a lot of political changes will be made in the Massachusetts in couple years, and said he will watch for a chance.
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