Deval Patrick admits “ few Asian-american key officials”
Bostonkorea  2010-07-21, 12:27:16 

MyongSool Chang
Translated by Kelly Choi

Intend to increase the number in next term

Governor Deval Patrick, running for a November election, admits that the number of Asian-american key officials is less than Asian immigrant population ratio in MA, and has intention to hire more in the next term.

At a press roundtable with ethnic media held on Tuesday at Beacon hill statehouse pressroom, Governor Patrick said “Asian pacific commission has made a valid point. We have more Asian staffs than the last government but not reached to the ratio of Asian population.”

To the Boston Korea’s question if he has any intention to hire more Asian staff if he wins in the November election, he answered “Yes, I will.”

In contrast to his criticism to Arizona immigrant law,  he was not able to clarify Asian staff names , repeating “I wish I have the list on my finger tip”  two times,

The ethnic roundtable was hosted by McCormack Graduate School of Policy Studies, and roughly 20 journalist from Brazil, African-american, Hispanic, Haiti and Asian TV, Radio, press attended.

The hot issue of the day was Arizona immigrant law. Governor Patrick commented “I understand there are anxieties some community that you serve. Let me be clear: As long as I have anything to say about it, there’s not going to be an Arizona law in Massachusetts,’’

Governor Patrick clarified that he understands people are worried about the law. However, That will never happen in MA. I wonder what motivation was. This kind of bill is trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’’

To the question regarding a bill proposed to MA congress to restrict benefits subjects to green card holders, governor Patrick said “I will veto it.”

He mentioned “There are whole host of screens in law about to ensure the benefit. Only qualified people receive benefits. The bill is not only aiming undocumented immigrants. I wonder what motivation was. This kind of bill is trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’

However, the governor said he does not consider similar actions as Boston city council. The council has passed a resolution to stop business with Arizona. He said  MA will remain business relationship with Arizona, and reconsidering travel to Arizona is a personal choice.

Extraordinarily, the Boston Globe reported the press meeting as a cover story on Thursday news in connection with Arizona State immigrant law and governor election. 

The Boston Globe compared governor Patrick’s reaction to the Arizona State immigrant law to other republican and independent governor candidate, Charlie Baker and Timothy Cahilll.

Charlie baker once claimed that the state run homeless shelter should inspect proof of residency, but after questioned from the current governor’s election camp, if emergency patients and children should be included,  he stepped back saying “excluding emergency patient and children.”

Rick Gorka, spokesman of Baker’s election camp, pointed out the that the bill was failed to 75-82 in MA where heavily democratic state, and claimed “Fifty-nine Democrats in the House agree with Charlie Baker that the state should not be giving services to illegal immigrants except in emergency situations and those involving a child,’’

Meanwhile, same as Baker, Timothy Cahill agreed on residency inspection. Cahill mentioned in a interview with the Boston Globe, “I do not know about Charlie Baker but I do not intend to frighten anyone. However, I believe lawful residence should take priority of undocumented residence. I do not think it is unfair”

Cahill commented on the Arizona law, saying ”I would have signed it, too, but I don’t think we have to go that far here in Massachusetts, because we don’t share a border with Mexico,’’

Candidate Baker has not offered detailed comment yet.
Governor Patrick addressed a issue that people think the Mexican immigrants represent the whole immigrant population in US, and said some immigrant from European countries have overstayed and somehow it is not treated as a immigration problem.

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