National fast food chain coming to Allston
Bostonkorea  2010-05-05, 15:49:32 

More competitions, appealing to young forks

HyunChon Kim
Translated by Kelly Choi

Kelly’s Roast Beef, national fast food restaurant chain, is opening up at  Allston as soon as in April.
It is exceptional for Kelly’s, a 58-year-old national fast food chain locating suburban areas of Boston, opening up its restaurant in Boston city area.
“I always thought a Boston presence would be good for Kelly’s. Allston’s a wonderful part of the city, and we’re hoping to have ample competition for more premium food product” said  McCarthy, the president of the Kelly’s,  according to a  local website.

Kelly’s Roast Beef will open its sixth location at the corner of Harvard and Commonwealth avenues, just infront of green line T-stop and route 66 bus stop. Boston Phoenix foresaw Kelly’s will appeal to college students or thirsty adult customers with it’s 140-seat-eatery, relatively inexpensive and big portion food.

Most of Korean business owners in Allston expected nearby fast food restaurants, including McDonald, will be hit. However, they anticipated that not many Korean restaurants will be suffered a blow since table food is differentiated from fast food, and the menu is different as well.
“The more customers, the better. Even if  a new restaurant is coming. A business district will be developed with similar category of businesses”  said Tom Shin, owner of Korean Garden restaurant. To the question if he has any concerns about coming national chain restaurant, he said “We serve different dishes. Kelly’s is a fast food chain, but we serve Korean food, enjoying sitting at the table”

“I knew Kelly’s is coming since last winter. I am not worried at all. They serve sandwiches and fried sea-food  but we are shushi bar with Cafe ”Said Cheon-woo Park, owner of Ivy Cafe, newly expanded to Shushi bar,
Local business owners looked on the bright side of the news, saying the young will visit Allston for more than food.  Mr.Lee,a business owner of in Allston,  anticipated the young will spend more in addition to  eating-out.
On the other hand, Tae-young Kim, a student, was concerned of Kelly’s late business hours plan, requested to Allston Civic Association. In addition, he raised concerned on trash, noise, and safety issues mentioning several crimes happened recently,

Mr. Shin pointed out similar concerns were raised in Allston civic Association hearing held last October, 2009. Brian McCathy, President of Kelly’s, said  Kelly’s will bring a local police officer  and  clean up the neighborhood. Mr. Shin also anticipated Kelly’s will obtain liquor license soon.

However, Pizzeria Uno chicago Bar & Grill went out of business because of the recession. The Uno has been one of the landmarks at the corner of commonwealth ave and harvard ave.
Not many Koreans are concerned about Kelly’s opening up when the Uno, the international restaurant chain founded in 1943 and  famous of deep dish pizza, is closing down.
“Two spots have very different atmosphere. The spot  Kelly’s is opening up is more appealing to the young people. I’m not quite familiar with Kelly’s but the spot is good for restaurant or bars” according to Hye-Kyung Chae, Owner of Able reality.

The Kelly’s is opening up where Marty’s Liquors used to be. Marty’s Liquors and Hamilton Company, the owner, could not reach on the lease agreement in March, 2009.  The Hamilton Company demanded 50% raised rent for 5 year lease extension.
Kelly’s invested approximately 1~2 million dollars including 25 years lease. The construction is in its final stage, and expected to open soon.

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