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많은 유학생들이 피해를 보았네요...
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Alethes Sophia
2019.11.01, 16:44:26
I thought it was about time, and so I have finally deleted my original post -- upon request by Boston Korea.

Also, this morning I received news that disheartened me a great deal and which has made me think that this is all a lost cause and that no good can come of any my comments or posts. I am taking Plato's advice, and he had said (in the Republic) that if your friend is confused, you should not give him the truth, nor return to him the weapons which you've borrowed from him (because he's confused and might harm himself with it in his confusion), even though it properly belongs to him.
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Alethes Sophia
2019.10.25, 18:33:46
@Boston Korea,
Thank you for this wonderful comment. It was quite witty, and I enjoyed reading it.

However, I do have several points to disagree with you about:

[1] I don't consider myself as having Korean "blood" in my veins because I think that "Korean" denotes a culture and way of life, rather than a biology. That said, perhaps this is a very "banana-ish" thing to think. In any case, I think that I have a mish-mash of cultures that can't quite be categorized as belonging any one particular culture, and I think it would safest for me to say that I probably have no culture at all. (This probably explains my occasional inexperience with what are the customary ways to engage with others who do have culture.) And so, perhaps I am more like a hollow plastic banana, rather than a real one. There is nothing inside, but it still looks yellow on the outside!

Perhaps I'm unusual, but I don't self-identify with any racial, ethnic, cultural, or even national, categorization. My view on the matter is that these categories only serve to enable the hegemonic powers that be. To put it simply, these categories actually only serve to benefit those at the very top of the social pyramid in each of these categories, and not really those who are below those at the top. Hence, I have chosen to opt-out of self-identifying with all such categorizations. That said, I am somewhat sympathetic to the situation of many people who do self-identify with the Korean culture, because I think that I can understand a little bit of what it feels like, as one human being to another (and just because I have a little bit of understanding of what Korean culture is like) -- but again, I don't myself self-identify with any particular racial, ethnic, cultural, or even national, identity.

[2] You wrote: "A hate crime is a traditional offense that is motivated by bias. A person commits a hate crime when one of a specified set of crimes is committed targeting a victim."

Now, note whether the offense was actually MOTIVATED by a bias or simply EXPRESSED one. These are two different things, since to be motivated by a bias is to actually hold such beliefs and then to act in service of those biased beliefs. While, to express a bias might be to DEPICT a bias of some sort (such as in art, or films, or poetry, propaganda, etc), but the expression does not NEED to be MOTIVATED by a real bias. Hence, for this reason, whatever expressions I expressed might not necessarily classify. The expression COULD be motivated by a genuine bias. But my point is that it NEED not be. (Think of examples of the countless number of films that depict the holocaust. Those films express and depict anti-semitic sentiments. Yet, we don't typically think that a film like 'Schindler's List' is MOTIVATED by an unacceptable bias.)

Secondly, according to the definition of a hate crime, I needed to have actually committed a crime. I would like to know what the crime it is which I committed?

(Perhaps I am like Harvard, committing invisible and untraceable crimes somehow? A crime that is legal is not considered a crime.)

For all the Korean speakers/readers, I apologize to everyone for not being able to express myself as well in Korean. (But perhaps it is better that way!)
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2019.10.22, 04:31:04
님의 글을 읽어보니, 조금 잘못 생각하고 계신것이 아닌가 생각됩니다.
Hate crime 의 federal definition을 찾아보니, 이렇게 되어 있네요.
"A hate crime is a traditional offense that is motivated by bias. A person commits a hate crime when one of a specified set of crimes is committed targeting a victim because of a perception or belief about their race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation, or when such an act is committed as a result of that type of perception or belief. These crimes can target an individual, a group of individuals or public or private property."
또한, Bureau of Justice Statistics (https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=37)에 보면, hate crime에 대한 정의가 나와 있습니다.
그리고, Department of Justice 페이지에 Hate crime에 대한 정의와 예시가 나와 있구요. (https://www.justice.gov/hatecrimes/learn-about-hate-crimes)그리고 Race에도 각 나라사람들에 대한 정의도 포함되구요 (이건 DOJ 싸이트에 Race에 대한 Hate Crime 예시로 나와 있습니다)

소피아님은 본인이 처음 쓴 글에 대한 답변으로 이렇게 쓰셨구요. I did not use any profanity, or make any explicit threats of harm or injury to any person or place, or describe sexual situations in graphic detail such as to make it unsuitable for general public viewing, in any of my posts or responses.
Hate crime의 정의를 본다면, 소피아님이 쓰신 첫 글에 있는 "Trash culture Korean culture"라는 부분도 hate crime 정의에 있는 National Origin에 해당됩니다. 또한 Korean이라는 말도 Race에 해당되구요.

소피아님의 의견도 맞는 부분이 있을 수 있지만, 이런 공개적인 자리에서는 본인의 그런 뚜렷한 주관표현을 살짝 줄이시는 것이 좋을 듯합니다.
남들이 보기에는 소피아님은 마치 바나나로 보일 수 있기 때문입니다. (무슨 뜻인지는 본인이 잘 아실거라 믿어봅니다)
한국인의 피를 갖고 있는 소피아님이 한국문화를 극도로 싫어하면서 구지 보스턴코리아에서 글을 쓰고 읽는 행동을 보면 안타까울 뿐입니다.
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Alethes Sophia
2019.10.16, 22:25:21
thank you for your very kind warning and message. I appreciate having been given the opportunity to self-censure my own writing. I agree that my style of expression is not always quite orthodox, and I realize that it is not typical of Korean culture to be so vulgar. However, I will leave up the post as it is for the time being since I think that critique (and sometimes criticism) can be useful for producing an "all-things-considered" view of the world, which would be an improvement from a solipsistic view of the world.

I would like to add that, among friends anyways, it is better to point out an error and to draw it out so that it may be examined and eliminated in a more proper way, rather than to ignore it or compensate for it so that the error is perpetuated. Perhaps one of the errors is precisely what's been drawn out here as a response to my own "candid" comment to the news article posted in the Boston Globe: excessive Korean pride. It can sometimes amount to a kind of arrogance -- eg, thinking that one is superior to others without having any grounds for thinking so. And this kind of thinking can lead to precisely the kind of results that the article posted in the Boston Globe had reported on.

Here is a second criticism: I think that if there is going to be cultural unity among Koreans, then it should include all the bad parts, just as much as all of the good parts. Otherwise, it makes no sense to speak of cultural unity (or racial unity, or ethnic unity, or any other kind of unity). If my finger pokes your eye, I don't say that "I" did not poke your eye but that this finger poked your eye and therefore I have no responsibility for your pain; if my finger pokes your eye, I say that "I" poked your eye, and I assume responsibility for your pain because the finger is mine and I moved it. Likewise, if one culturally Korean individual does injury and harm to a non-Korean, then it seems to make sense to say that all culturally Koreans should say that Korean culture (and its prevailing values) itself committed that injury and harm to the non-Korean individual, rather than to say that some "rogue" individual committed a harm to another non-Korean individual. And if the idea of this doesn't sit well, then one should abandon the notion of cultural unity to begin with, since the notion of cultural unity is itself fundamentally incoherent and highly inconsistent.

PS- For the record, please do note that I did not use any profanity, or make any explicit threats of harm or injury to any person or place, or describe sexual situations in graphic detail such as to make it unsuitable for general public viewing, in any of my posts or responses.

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2019.10.15, 21:48:18
한국 사람도 미국 사람도 그리고 세계 어느 나라 사람 사는 곳과 문화라 할지라도 범죄는 존재합니다. 소피아님은 한국인과 문화에 대한 편견을 노출하고 계십니다. 경고드립니다. 한 사람의 일로 일반화하는 것은 옳지 않습니다. 글을 쓰실 때 좀 더 많은 고민을 한 후 표현하는 것이 좋습니다. 표현의 자유와 혐오는 구분하셔야 합니다. 님의 첫번째 글은 보스톤 코리아의 기준에 혐오적인 표현을 담고 있으므로 자진 삭제를 권유합니다.
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2019.10.14, 15:22:08
보스턴 코리아 운영 관리자님 이런 게 hate crime 아닌가요? 저분 아이디로 몇 번 글 봤는데, 이렇게까지 한국인들 싫다고 하시는데.. 차단이든 경고든 해주세요. trash culture...라는 말을 쓸 정도로 어떠한 상황이 저분을 저렇게 racist로 만들었는지 모르겠지만, 저분 개인적인 생각, 무례스러운 행동, 편견 가득한 댓글들이 너무 부끄럽네요.
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2019.10.13, 09:54:53
I don't understand why you have so much hatred and negativity. If you don't like Koreans or the culture, GET OFF THIS SITE. Stop being a TROLL and get a LIFE. The situation that has happened sucks that its involves a Korean but don't add more negativity to it. And just like you said, they may be many people thinking the way that I do AND I'm the only one say it. SO BYE FELICIA!!!
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* 보스튼코리아 게시판에 기재된 글은 보스톤코리아와 일체무관하며, 보스톤코리아에서는 어떠한 법적 책임도 없음을 알려드립니다. 글을 작성하실 때는 신중하게 작성하여주시기 바랍니다.
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