MA Politicians Reach Out to the Korean Community
Bostonkorea  2010-11-24, 12:42:01 

MyongSool Chang
Translated by SoYeon Lee

Nick Collins, Carlos Henry Cats, Matt O’Malley,  Senator Steve Tolman’s Aide Attend a Press Conference

Just a month before the election on November 2, MA’s candidates of House of Representativesand City Council held a press conference with Korean Media press to ask for the support of Korean Community.

Boston’s former Mayor Candidate Michael Flaherty and the former President of New Hampshire’s Korean American Association Sun-Woo Park hosted the press conference and Flahertytook a role of the moderator.

Nick Collins, who is running for the House of Representative for the South End, said that he agrees with the ‘Secret Community’ program. This program allows the state and the city policeman to automatically check the status of arrested immigrants to the Federal Immigration Enforcement. Collins also said that although he agrees with the program, it still needs to find a way to improve it.

According to Boston Globe, since 2008the city of Boston joined this program. Total of 526 immigrants were reported to the Federal Immigration Enforcement; and about a little less than 246 immigrants were charged withimmigration violation.
Candidate Collins stated that“It is a must to check the status of immigrants charged with felony but we are going to have to think about the immigrants charged with misdemeanors”. 

Carlos Henriquez who is running for the r House of Representative for the Dorchesterand Roxbury recommended the mentor program, education, and the role of parents for the solutions for currently increasing crime rates.

Candidate Henriquez said that he “saw a difference when teenagers were provided with jobs and the mentor program. Through 8 hours of work and the mentor program, they learn how to work, how to be responsible, and be a productive neighbor. I would like to expand the mentor program”.

Candidate Henriquez also mentioned that Tea Party Movement in MA and especially in areas like Dorchester, and Roxbury would not have much impact. He said he wants to overcome it by powerfully and aggressively spreading his messages to the voters.  

Candidate Matt O’Malley, who is running for the Boston’s member of City Council for the Jamaica Plain, Roslindale, and West Roxbury  areas after the resignation of former Councilman John Tobin said “compare to other metropolitan areas, Boston is relatively a safe city. But just last week in Mettapan, there was a terrifying gunshot crime that killed including 4 kids.

This is not only the Mettapan’s problem, but the problem of Boston.”He stated that “Boston needs to recreate community safety programs such as Boston Miracle. Also, we need to educate weneed to put criminals with drug problems to rehabilitation centers to help them so they do not experience relapse.”

Candidate 오말리told he does not know specifically about the program but states that there should not a racial profiling regarding the enforcement.

According to Michael Flaherty “At first, the city of Boston rejected the idea but the reason they have accepted it is because of the Federal grant. The status check for the Felony charged immigrants is a right thing but for misdemeanors like running a traffic sign should be considered. Right now, Menino Mayor and the Boston police commissioner have accepted this request then the city council should take this issue sometime next year.”

Aide Brian Greene who has attended the press conference for the Senator Steve Tolman told in Korean that “My name was Brian Greene and I am attending the conference for the Senator Tolman. Today, the Senator has another meeting therefore he wasn’t able to attend the conference. I would like to apologize for the Senator’s absence.”His wife is a Korean and he had studied Korean in SoKang University.

About this year’s number one ballot question which is repealing alcohol tax and number three ballot question which is cutting down sales tax to 3%, Greene said, “Senator Tolmandoes not agree with cutting down the alcohol; because alcohol tax is being used to treat patients with drug addiction problems.”

Also, for cutting down the sales tax to 3%, Greene stated that “The state does not afford sales tax cut. There are roads and Bridges, teachers and fire fighters. Every year, we suggest balanced budget. Every year, we summit balanced budgetto spend money on what is needed. Of course, it is attractive to not pay tax but in our current economy situation, lowering sales tax will negatively impact thelow income families.

Greene also said that Tolmanfavors in-state tuition and healthcare for the illegal immigrants.
Sun-Woo Park, the former President of New Hampshire’s Korean-American Association mentioned that MA election would positively influence the Korean Community and he had sponsored the press conference so that the politician would give more attention to the Korean Community.

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